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webOS isn't dead after all
News - March 05, 2015
We all thought webOS died a few years ago when HP dumped it into the open source community. LG subsequently picked up the pieces of webOS and intended to use it in TV's and other appliances. Now it see LG has other plans. LG more

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Every Yahoo Mail user should check this setting immediately
News - October 11, 2014
Do you use Yahoo Mail? I do. I've been a Yahoo Mail Plus customer for over a decade. I moved my main accounts to other services, but I still use Yahoo Mail for some things. A few days ago, I noticed mail I received from Yahoo more

Can webOS succeed in a TV?
News - January 02, 2014
webOS was such a major fail despite being ahead of its time in so many ways. webOS was the unluckiest OS since BeOS. Palm hire former Apple designer Jon Rubinstein to breathe new life into Palm with the forward looking webOS. more

Android 4.4 KitKat unofficially running on HP TouchPad
News - November 30, 2013
The HP TouchPad was released two years ago when webOS was still an HP project. Since then, webOS has gone open source and people have been porting versions of Android on the device. Now there is a port of the latest version of more

Is HP looking to sell webOS patents?
News - November 08, 2013
According to Bloomberg, HP is looking to offload some webOS patents. Who can blame them? HP lost a big opportunity when it dumped webOS into open source, then sold the code to LD. Now HP apparently needs the cash. HP more

Apple acquires Palm patents
News - April 11, 2013
Remember when Steve Jobs famously rebuffed Palm's patents as not worth much? It seems Apple has had a change of heart as it has paid $10 million to acquire Palm patents. Then again, what is $10 million to a company with $147 more

Looking for a HP Touchpad? They are still out there
News - March 13, 2013
If you missed out on the fire sale at Best Buy when HP sold out of its last Touchpads, and have been kicking yourself ever since, don't worry. You can still find a HP Touchpad out there if you're willing to take a chance. more

Will a webOS TV be better than Google TV or Apple TV?
News - March 12, 2013
LG's intent of using webOS on smart TVs means a new platform will hopefully emerge in the TV space. Will they be successful when other companies were not? I hope so. Google TV had a lot of promise, but didn't go very far. more

webOS mobile hardware petition started
News - March 04, 2013
LG just purchased webOS from HP but they supposedly intend to use the OS in smart TVs. The webOS community seems to want mobile hardware however. We'd like to see smartphones and tablets running webOS. One user has decided to more

Wordpress for webOS looks great
News - March 01, 2013
webOS is still the best mobile OS from a UI standpoint and I'm glad to see some people still supporting it. Most of us have Wordpress blogs these days, and Wordpress for webOS is an elegant way to manage your blog. Based around more

Will LG breathe new life into webOS or will this be another disappointment?
News - March 01, 2013
webOS has had a long history in its short life. After all, wasn't just a few years ago in 2009 when we saw webOS for the first time? Palm was resurrected and introduced webOS only to later get in financial trouble. They were more

Can webOS be saved? TechCrunch says no
News - February 25, 2013
webOS has found another home today. HP has agreed to sell the last remaining parts of webOS and its team to LG. webOS will apparently be used in LG's smart TVs. So is this good news or bad news for webOS? Well if you're an more